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We help businesses improve their value creation through actionable know-how.

We help you deliver and upscale your innate business potential by giving you the methods and means to excel in the market.

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Together we reimagine the business horizon. Because we stay on top of things, your business gets to the top.

Our Mission
We can do a variety of services

Strategy and Planning

This isn’t the time to put strategy on lockdown. These are the times to reassess, reinvent, regroup and tackle the market anew. We can assist you in building strategies that address your most pressing challenges and transition your business into sustainable growth. We help our clients navigate risk to increase stability and agility through an expert and practical approach.

Change Management

We know change can be challenging and we love resolving challenges. There is no issue too small for us and for our clients. From integrating process changes into the lower levels of operations to visionary shifts in mindset and markets we are here to work and assist you manage that process.

Market Entry

We accelerate your speed to the market. With our local know-how and partnership network we can assist you as foreign investors in entering into the Bulgarian market in the most optimal, professional, practical and cost-effective way to translate your venture into a bankable business.


We help you structure and build your business or project to achieve operational readiness and, where you need to, we can deploy our team and network of partners to undertake your hassle so that you can focus your time and resources on what you do best.

Follow up – Implementation and Monitoring

Delivery is key otherwise the best strategy remains an abstract. Responsibility and accountability are at the foreground of your value system and we know this is true for your business operations too. So are results. We help you assess if your operational plans are adequately aligned with your business goals and we help you fuel the gaps to ensure delivery.

Regulatory Compliance

We stay on the forefront of national and international regulation. Our experts will assist you with compliance management and offer you the most efficient way to navigate the regulatory framework. Our legal and tax experts work hand in hand with our risk management team and sector experts to put in place the most thorough, coherent and effective agreements and policies for your business.


Who we are

We are local and we are international. We are young and we are experienced. We are innovative, dedicated, responsible, accountable, result-oriented and imaginative.  We are loyal to our values and loyal to our clients and partners.  We are diverse. We value professionalism and integrity, and we are passionate about what we do.  

We are an integrated consulting company that offers solutions to companies, causes and individuals to make their goals a reality. 

Irina Stoyanova
Irina Stoyanova


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Corporate Social Responsibility

One of ST’s stratigic goals is to continue to be a attentive and responsible market participant in all the communities and industries where we operate.

Through our ethical and socially sustainable business practices, we aim to deliver value for all of our stakeholders – our clients, our partners, the majority of which are also owners and their clients. We want to see our communities grow together with us.

We strive to proactively engage all our stakeholders in a variety of ways and respond to their challenges in a timely, transparent and culturally appropriate manner.

We embrace initiatives in support of the rule of law, innovation, equality, diversity, education, culture and public health.


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You are an out-of the box-thinker and a problem-solver? Want to effect positive change?  Want to work in a multi-industry company? You value integrity, professionalism and teamplay?

We are an integrated consulting company that offers solutions to companies, causes and individuals to make their goals a reality. 

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